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To prose, or not to be – that is the question.


(…) Are a twittering mess of words (…)

  • Randomly thrown together.
    • To then make sense to the refined minds only.
    • As all the rest walk past?
  • If you stay.
    • – You are open minded?
      • – Or simply responsive to constructed words.
        • – Is that a slight?
        • – An insult?
        • –  Or a compliment?
  • Or maybe it’s just a straightforward racist slur.
  • Or perhaps it’s political correctness used to score racist points.
    • ——————————————————————————
    • It’s never about niggers verses red neck white trash.
    • It’s about dem’ white niggers reading dis’ trash.
    • ——————————————————————————-
  • And it’s all how you just read the line above.

Are we all just playing the white man,
– Whilst looking for the nigger in the wood pile to make sense of it?

Meaning: are we honest upstanding people, just looking to root out the cause of all evil, and then protect our loved ones from it.

– Is so: then the (ENSUING ARGUMENT) describes you to a tee, political correctness, or a racist slur aside.

(No one ever said that philosophy was easy.)

But who damn well cares anyway?
– Well, you do obviously: because, my dear (white-person), you’re still here.

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